Hello – and welcome to The Butterfly Effect’s first post! We’re excited to be undertaking this new adventure for our organization. We can only hope you’ll be as excited about what we share and ask that you be patient with us as we learn and work to make this a positive experience for everyone.  We had planned to start this over a year ago, but a little something called COVID made it difficult to travel and visit other places. It’s still going to force us to do things a little differently than we originally planned, but we’re excited to finally be moving forward!

So, what is The Butterfly Effect? Henderson Haven chose the butterfly as the focus in all our logos because of The Butterfly Effect, a reference to the Chaos Theory best known from a line in Jurassic Park.  In short, it refers to the idea that a very small change can ripple out to make much larger changes as it reaches others; “A butterfly flaps it’s wings in Texas and you get a hurricane in the Bahamas”.  So, what better name for our blog with the purpose of travelling the country and spotlighting ideas, success stories, other state policies and funding resources, in the hope that these ideas and strategies can bring change to those living in Florida!

Florida is currently one of the lowest ranked states in the country when it comes to the services and funding it provides to its residents with developmental disabilities. At the writing of this post, it was ranked at number 48! We hope sharing ideas and success stories from around the State and country may benefit everyone from the examples set by others.  Who knows, maybe even our legislative leaders will see what’s possible when you provide a little support and change their policies to get that ranking a little higher!

We’ll also be sharing our own personal thoughts when it comes to services and policies in assisting those we serve live complete lives with true choice.  We’ve always been viewed as being somewhat nonconformist when it comes to services, but we’ve been doing this for a very long time, and we genuinely believe our successes speak for themselves.  You may not always agree with our opinions, but if we can just get you thinking a little outside the box, we’ve accomplished something great!

So, stay tuned, spread the word, and look for future posts, (word, video, and audio), as we scan the country and bring you the great news we know is out there!  Also, please feel free to send us ideas of programs you’ve heard about in or outside of Florida – you can help spread the good news and cause a Butterfly Effect of your own!  And finally, if you want to help support this effort, become a Patreon of this program by using the link to the left.  In the future, some of our posts will be for Patreon supporters only, so get a head start and make sure you never miss anything.

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