Inclusion vs. Integration

One of the founding missions of Henderson Haven is to help ensure everyone was given the opportunity to live their own independent lives without being forced into grouped work and [...]

February 7, 2022|

Can We Fix The System

While we try not to ever get too political when talking with folks, when you’re dealing with services mostly financed by the State, it’s hard not to cross that line [...]

December 29, 2021|

Who is Henderson Haven?

If there is one thing Henderson Haven has always been and always will be, it’s anti-establishment. That is not an easy position to take in an industry that contends that [...]

November 9, 2021|

Welcome to The Butterfly Effect

Hello – and welcome to The Butterfly Effect’s first post! We’re excited to be undertaking this new adventure for our organization. We can only hope you’ll be as excited about [...]

October 19, 2021|
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