What\'s The Difference?
The difference, in a nutshell, is attitude. We don\'t believe the people we are serving should simply be watched. We feel they should be involved. We know that by empowering people to make choices in their lives, they are able to reach greater independence.

By including the developmentally disabled in daily activities, they learn new skills and continue to develop those they have. This system encourages people to grow and find fulfillment in their roles as members of a family, a community and, most importantly, on a personal level.

At Henderson Haven we maintain an Instructor-to-Client ratio of one-to-one. This enables the trainer to concentrate on the areas of development that are a priority, while working on multiple needs, and enables a personal connection to evolve. In time, this relationship provides a level of trust that has proven to increase the learning and enjoyment of all involved.


At Henderson Haven, our dedication to a one- to-one ratio, and our basic belief in the ability for everyone to reach some level of independence, has set us apart from the rest. You have our promise that these standards will be maintained in all our services along with our future activities.

We offer the most advanced services in home and employment assistance for the developmentally-challenged, including:
• Respite Care
• Personal Care Assistance
• In-Home Support
• Homemaker Services
• Companion Services
• Supported Living
• Advocacy Services
• After School Program
• Adult Day Program
• Transition Services
• Private School
• Summer Camp

Wondering what questions you should ask a potential provider?  Here's an easy checklist you can use: