At Henderson Haven, we believe all individuals should have the opportunity to choose where and with whom they live, work, and play. At times, to make this right a reality, a special trey1blend of creativity and expertise is needed.

Over the years, we have combined this special blend to help families guide their challenged loved ones towards a more fulfilling life. By providing specialized training, equipment, and personal care, our nonprofit organization has enabled these special members of our community to achieve success.

Our personalized approach lets our clients grow at a pace that best suits their needs. We provide services on a one-on-one basis, for either a few hours or round-the-clock, thereby allowing Henderson Haven’s specialists to concentrate on developmental areas deemed a priority, while building trust and confidence.

In addition, our organization provides advocacy services to help the families of developmentally- disabled individuals. Our experts, with their knowledge of current laws and established precedents, can offer guidance to help with challenges you may face.





"They are helping him find the things he can do instead of the things he can't!  Henderson Haven really understands the needs of [individuals] with special needs . . . They just get it!"

- The Brown Family